EU Chatkontrolle? Das muss nicht sein! Betreibe auch du eine Matrix Instanz.

Matrix/Synapse mit Ansible playbook. Das ist zwar nicht super trivial, aber wer schon mal eine Linux Konsole bedient hat und weiß was Debian ist, sollte das hinbekommen.

Geht auch aus den Paketquellen.


Linux on Schenker XMG Core 17

Over the weekend I had the „pleasure“ of installing Linux on a Schenker XMG Core 17 gaming laptop. If you have to or want to do the same, you should keep in mind that it is

a) is a hybrid graphics system, so there are two graphics cards. Since one is Nvidia, this can be solved via PRIME.

b) a hybrid display is also installed, which at least for me wanted to avoid working with Linux.
You can switch it off via BIOS (F2) –> ADVANCED –> DISPLAY-MODE and then switch from Hybrid to gGPU. Then it runs 😉