Reverend Elvis worldwide crew (en)

I really hope that we can release on vinyl again this year. Unfortunately, it’s so expensive at the moment that you would have to charge prices that are then somehow no longer “underground”. We’ll see. So long streaming will probably play a role. At least it offers the advantage that people can listen to it who couldn’t and wouldn’t afford a vinyl record from Europe.

I’m particularly pleased that 2022 has also added a few listeners in Africa. Otherwise, Germany and the USA are by far our center. For a few years, Colombia has actually been almost on par. There must be a big scene there, but we have no contact with it. All continents are represented. That’s a good feeling.

Otherwise, what’s new is that “Western” streaming services are obviously being used more in China. We are represented there anyway with the China internal services.

Overall, it is as always, we do not have many fans but good! We pay attention to quality! 🙂