The enemy within

Through a very elaborate external study, I have found out what the middle US American and his worldwide imitators are most afraid of. Besides the seemingly invincible communists lurking everywhere, it is their own rural population. Hundreds of films show them as chainsaw-wielding killers, and their symbols and signs are not welcome in public. I like them very much.

I feel your love has faded into darkness, it seems I have no friend

When I found out that the world as I know it will no longer exist, and especially that no one needs guitars anymore, I immediately sat down and pulled out my banjo. Now I feel contemporary again. I can’t sing the lyrics, I can’t play the chords. First Try (blind)

Als ich erfahren habe, dass es die Welt wie ich sie kenne nicht mehr geben wird, und vor allem niemand mehr Gitarren braucht, hab ich mich sofort hingesetzt und mein Banjo rausgeholt. Jetzt fühl ich mich wieder zeitgemäß. Ich kann weder den Text noch die Akkorde. First Try (blind)