If one is interested in history

you’re always perplexed why everyone always goes along with it. The first world war, for example, there was no reason, however stupid. No country to conquer, no ideology to defend, nothing. And nevertheless (who betrayed us?) all ran with enthusiasm into the safe death. Hard to believe that it should be different today.


I can’t stand it anymore

Somehow I can’t stand it anymore. For as long as I can remember, shitty wars have been waged in this world. Russia is by no means one of the countries that have particularly distinguished themselves. But in the end it doesn’t matter, because the people who die and suffer don’t ask anymore who was to blame. There is also nothing positive to report about this war.

For years, when I can’t stand it anymore, I go to my studio and paint and paint, cruel pictures, to get rid of it and to understand why no one seems to care. I have never been able to do that. And now suddenly?! Is everyone for peace? You expect me to believe that? And peace comes from buying more weapons? And because we call whole countries unworthy, populated with subhumans? And rejoice when someone dies there?

I knew that it is disgusting, but so bad … I don’t think signs will help anymore. Disappointment would be the wrong word…