United Federation of Humans. Join us!

The Federation (also known as Fediverse) is a social network created by the merger of many independent servers. The operators are private individuals, social groups, artists, anarchists and institutions (for example, the EU and a German state television broadcaster are also represented, for those who need it). All these instances can communicate with each other and no matter where you log in, you have access to all the content of all instances. It is decentralized. So it has no central office that could decide anything for the others. Blocking, censoring, monitoring and shadow banning, as people are used to from the commercial US platforms, is simply not possible here. The only thing I miss here is music, the musicians, the bands, the fans. Unfortunately, there is no music player at the moment, but the community will take care of it. For sure. So come on over. There are many instances for different interests or big, public ones where you can just try it out. Like this one:





or something more special?



or mine


If you are logged in, you can find me here (just type in the search bar):

@reverend@social.undeadnetwork.de (reverend@social.undeadnetwork.de)