Musk,Trump and the Federation

I am, for many years, actually since it exists, part of the so-called federated Internet . The goal of this thing is to create an Internet that exists independently of state, nation, and capital. The Snowden revelations and the last “official” Anonymous call to smash the tech giants were certainly the trigger to deal with this. We can only do that in structure, by creating a digital space that is not (so easily) compromised.

That was 10 years ago now and a lot has happened. The so-called Fediverse has become especially popular, and Mastodon in particular. It is only a small part of it, but a very popular one. On the one hand because it is very “Twi**er”-like and on the other hand because Eugen the “father” of Mastodon and his crew (of course it is open source) have developed really great software. Now it happens every few years that there is a “wave” and many people flock there and 99% leave but quickly again, it would not be professional and at all would be missing things that exist in PRISM. So they have not understood the idea behind it at all and obviously don’t want to… it just doesn’t work with pure consumers.

At the moment is probably the biggest wave and it comes almost exclusively from Twi**er. It seems like this is just a fashion on T. and actually has little to nothing to do with the Federation or the Fediverse.

One inevitably wonders about the motivation of these people? Clearly it is triggered by the T. takeover of Musk and because there is fear that Trump could tweet again. But then why the federation? It stands for the fact that everyone can say what they want? Would D. Trump would build such a server (which he probably even tries to do) no one could stop him. And why should they? Are your arguments so weak? That you have to be afraid of foreign thoughts? Can’t you refute them when yours are so noble and right? Sounds like failure to me. Why do you then come to the federated Internet, where it is about tolerating the other? Best of all immediately with “I lock all” shouting.

I already ask myself … why do they come? What do they expect? Are they simple-minded at the end and don’t realize it? Questions about questions.