Extremism of the middle

A sign that a society cannot survive much longer is when undercomplex systems have to be used to explain reality. When times are anti-dialectical and a social order no longer serves to balance the various interests and needs. Instead, there would be a populist center to which everything would have to be subordinated.

It is further claimed that there would be two contradictory currents that would supposedly cover the entire dialectical field of tension and that one of these currents would have to be led to victory that could never be achieved. This is the U.S. principle or system of a two-party society propagated by Karl Popper (a mastermind of the new right). Together with the horseshoe or extremism theory, it ensures that anything outside a halcyon center, anything progressive thinking would be intolerable, downright inhumane.

Now, however, it is always the majority that must be stopped. It is always the center that starts wars, it is always the center that builds extermination camps, it is always the center that keeps illegitimate rulers and elites in power!

The majority and the center are the place for true extremism! This center must be stopped by all means.

Since Cicero, we know that only a balanced republic, which has no „middle“ but gives space and power to the many currents of a society, can lead to true human coexistence. Once again, we are far from it.


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V for Vendetta – Graphic Novel

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V für Vendetta ist einer der bedeutendsten und einflussreichsten Comics des letzten Jahrhunderts. Er wurde von Alan Moore und David Lloyd im Jahre 1981 begonnen und erschien als Comic-Serie im „Warrior“ Magazin und wurde im Jahr 1988 fertiggestellt. Die Novelle wurde 2006 von Larry und Lilly Wachowski , die die auch für den ebenfalls ikonischen Film „Matrix“ verantwortlich sind, verfilmt. Guy-Fawkes und natürlich seine Maske stehen seitdem für Ungehorsam und Widerstand in eine verlogenen, autoritären Welt. Er steht dafür, dass Worte und Musik mächtiger sind als Dummheit, Ideologie oder Schwerter. Er steht dafür, dass wir Macht haben wenn wir doch nur wollen. Ideen kann man nicht erschießen!

V for Vendetta is one of the most important and influential comics of the last century. Started by Alan Moore and David Lloyd in 1981, it appeared as a comic series in „Warrior“ magazine and was completed in 1988. The novella was filmed in 2006 by Larry and Lilly Wachowski , who are also responsible for the equally iconic film „Matrix“. Guy-Fawkes and, of course, his mask have stood for disobedience and resistance in a mendacious, authoritarian world. He stands for the fact that words and music are more powerful than stupidity, ideology or swords. It stands for the fact that we have power if we only want it. Ideas are bulletproof!