moral panic

Rev. Onan Canobite, Reverend of the Chruch of SubGenius and Dobbstown (maybe some of my weak and elderly friends know them from their popular Show on MTV back in the 90s) wrote some lyrics about today’s morals and hypocrisy. I try to set it in to music and give them a simple melody. First try. I used the barbarian language of the Angles and Saxons. It’s nice that there’s a happy ending. And the same will happen to them as what they did to the others.

When today’s moral panic
Comes to an end
No one will ever
Mention it again

A few ruined lives
Will have been the cost
Of society’s “progress”
To allow them to boast

“Now wasn’t that silly
Won’t happen again!”
But it will, and it may
Catch YOU next time, my friend.