I had a so-called meme on my blog today with a Nietzsche quote. Today, everyone embellishes their idea with an authority argument, in which a sentence taken out of context is supposed to confirm their own position or discredit that of the person opposite. So also I. It was against the state … I don’t trust it.

Now there are smart people who are honest with me and tell me that it doesn’t work that way. That is true with every one of those 143 character statements that define our world today and with Nietzsche especially.

My thesis is anyway (and therefore I am particularly ashamed of the meme) that Nietzsche can only be understood as a radical dialectician. All these insinuations that he was an arch-aristocratic proto-fascist. Ubermensch and chosen ones. The saddest reactionary idealism, worse than a progressive liberal. They are completely wrong. N. is certainly in opposition to the materialism that is gaining ground, but he does not oppose it with an irrational, idealistic worldview (then he would have no meaning today either), but he takes the Hegelian dialectic to the extreme. He shows that you can never advance to a rational, objective truth. The opposition is inescapable. But that it is therefore all the more important, before you can even approach dialectical „truth,“ that you must first overcome all irrational, ideological sophistry. Hence his polemics against compassion and Christianity, etc. You have to overcome the obvious shortcuts. The worst of all these shortcuts is resentment, prejudice. If you are against all Russians or all Jews etc..

Then you can never penetrate to the, even incomprehensible, dialectical truth. But nobody intended to do that anyway. Unfortunately.